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Chicago’s Gangster Tour Guides

Da Guides

These guys are gonna take you places.

The Prohibition Era comes alive as our sharply dressed gangster guides take you on a ride back to the days when Al Capone ruled the South Side of Chicago.

Hear the true stories — as only our Untouchable guides can tell ’em — of gangster legends like Dion O’Bannion, Bugs Moran, Johnny Torrio, Machine Gun Jack McGurn and John Dillinger.


Southside … Da Brewmaster

If it has sugar in it, Southside can ferment it, brew it, or distill it! Beer, wine and hooch are the earmarks of his trade. His Polish 110 proof sour cherry cordials are known throughout the Midwest.

“If you can make bread then you can brew beer, only you gotta use more water.”



Shoulders is quite the humanitarian.

Monday through Friday he teaches local youth about the value of a buck by stealing their lunch money. On the weekends, he likes to help the elderly by lifting their wallets.

But he also loves animals. He puts a lot of money on the ponies every week and shares his small studio apartment with a real nag.


Johnny Rocco

That’s right, He’s Johnny Rocco, see?

He made his way to Chicago from New York City just like Al. Chicago suits him just fine. You want to see the town? Sure, he’ll take ya.  Wanna go for a ride? It could be arranged. Ya need to get in that exclusive joint? He’ll get’cha in. Because he is known in this town. KNOWN!

Now that he’s back from “vacation,” it’s time to get busy again, see? It’s a big town here and ya gotta know da right people. Dat’s him. He’s known and he’ll take care of ya!


Johnny Three Knives

Johnny: a Northsider and a regular Joe. The kind of guy who’s as comfortable navigating the busy streets around Wrigley as he is navigating some young dame’s heart at the bar. The kind of guy always on the spot and looking for action.

Three-Knives: a Northsider and a shadow.  The kind of guy who knows the mean streets of Chicago and where they all lead.  The kind of guy with a sharp blade for every situation, and an even sharper wit. The kind of guy who reads crowds like dime novels and knows exactly who are the suckers.

Johnny Three-Knives: A good guy to have in your corner, only don’t ask him where he got the name, unless you’re really prepared to find out…


Slippery Sloop

Slippery Sloop began his career as a mere shaver, raising funds via a spiked lemonade stand.

These days, finding him is tough. But if you’re a swell dame or he has “business” with you, he’ll find you.

He can’t recall exactly how he was dubbed, “Slippery Sloop,” only that the name arose after a night on Lake Michigan with two flappers, a circus monkey, a bag of cement and bathtub gin – served in an actual bathtub.